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Phantom 3 Accessories and Peripherals

Although the Phantom 3 comes ready to fly (RTF) apart from needing a tablet/phone, you will always need additional propellers, batteries and other accessories for the aircraft. Here you will find a definitive list of items you will need to have a happy flying experience with the Phantom 3.

Where possible links to purchase items in the United Kingdom ( UK ), United States ( US ), Germany ( DE ) and France ( FR ) will be provided to purchase items. Items with DJI Direct will be for direct purchase from DJI.

Item nameUK PurchaseUS PurchaseFrance PurchaseGermany PurchaseDJI Direct Purchase
Intelligent Flight Direct
Phantom 3 Charging HubDJI Direct
Propellers WhiteDJI Direct
Propellers Red TipsDJI Direct
Carbon PropsDJI Direct
DJI Hardshell BackpackDJI Direct
Phantom 3 Pro
With Backpack
DJI Direct
Phantom 3 Advanced
With Backpack
DJI Direct
Phantom 3 Standard with BackpackDJI Direct
Phantom 3 HDMI Module ( Pro/Adv )DJI Direct
Propellers Blue TipsDJI Direct
Propellers Pink TipsDJI Direct
Propellers GrayDJI Direct
Replacement Controller (Pro/Adv )DJI Direct
Replacement Controller ( Standard )DJI Direct
Inspire 1 Device Holder UpgradeDJI Direct
Mobile Device Holder (Standard)DJI Direct
Inspire 1 - Remote Controller StrapDJI Direct
Official 100W Battery ChargerDJI Direct
Official Phantom 3
Prop Guards
DJI Direct
Phantom 3 UV Filter
(Not ND) (Pro/Adv )
DJI Direct
Phantom 3 Sticker
DJI Direct
Gimbal Clamp (Pro/Adv )DJI Direct
Gimbal Clamk (Standard)DJI Direct
Gimbal Plate (Pro-Adv)
DJI Direct
Gimbal Plate (Standard)
DJI Direct
Landing Gear (Pro/Adv )DJI Direct
Landing Gear (Standard)DJI Direct
Vibration DampersDJI Direct
Phantom 3 Shell (Pro/Adv )DJI Direct
Phantom 3 Shell (Standard)DJI Direct
MicroSD 64Gb Samsung with USB
MicroSD 64Gb Samsung PRO with
MicroSD 64Gb Lexar with USB
MicroSD 64Gb
SanDisk Memory Card Adapter
USB Micro SD Card
1ft Lightning Cable -
1ft Micro USC
T6 Torx
T8 Torx
Tablet - Google Nexus
Tablet - Google Nexus
Tablet - Nvidia
Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab
Tablet - Sony Xperia
Tablet - iPad
Tablet - iPad Air
Tablet - iPad Mini
Tablet - iPad Mini
Lipo Safety
Portable Tablet Power
UK -
Portable Tablet Power
UK -
Tablet Sun Shade
Anti-Glare Screen
Protector iPad Mini
Anti-Glare Screen
Protector iPad
Anti-Glare Screen
Protector iPad Air
Hard Case - Go Professional
Hard Case - CasePro
Hard Case - Seahorse
Hard Case - Nanuk
Hard Case - Microraptor
Hard Case -

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