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3rd Party Apps List

Here is a great list compiled by AviZ over at RCGroups o 3rd party apps for the Phantom 3 / Inspire 1. In addition to this I have added the price in British Pounds for each platform it supports. Airnest – by Airnest Ltd @ – iOS £18.99 Altizure . . . Read more

Inspire 1 Pro New Year Kit

Taking a slight deviation from the normal Phantom 3 product I thought it too much of a good deal not to mention it.. DJI have a deal on the Inspire 1 Pro and the Inspire 1 V2 range. For £4029 ( $4949 ) you get an Inspire 1 Pro ( . . . Read more

Phantom 3 4K

Its looks like we will be getting a Phantom 3 4K model. B&H have made an announcement about it.. Priced at $999 ( no UK price yet ).. More details here.. and here

Phantom 3 Battery Compartment

DJI have finally started selling the battery compartment replacement for the Phantom 3. A great deal of people who crash the P3 end up damaging this section at the screw mount. Handy part to have as a spare