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3rd Party Apps List

Here is a great list compiled by AviZ over at RCGroups o 3rd party apps for the Phantom 3 / Inspire 1. In addition to this I have added the price in British Pounds for each platform it supports.

Airnest – by Airnest Ltd @ – iOS £18.99

Altizure – by Everest Inovation Tech @ – Android FREE/ iOS FREE

Autopilot – by Auto Flight Logic @ – iOS £22.99

DronePan (DP) – by Dennis Baldwin @ – iOS FREE/ Android (soon)

DroneDeploy (DD) – by DroneDeploy @ – Android FREE App but site subscription, free option available/ iOS (soon)

CoPilot Basic – by FreeSkies @ – iOS – Extra in App purchases of full version £14.99.

FpvCamera – by fpvBooster @ – iOS £6.99 – Extra in App purchases.

Litchi – by VC Technology Ltd @ – Android £14.99 / iOS £10.99

MapPilot (MP) – by MME (Maps Made Easy) @ – iOS £7.99

Ultimate Flight v3 (UF) – by Android Apps by Ken @ – Android £12.48

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