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Phantom 3 Pro/Adv Battery Firmware v1.6.0040 Install Guide

Phantom 3 Battery Firmware v1.6.0040


This guide assumes you were already on firmware 1.5  – The update process is EXACTLY the same even if yuo wre not on 1.5 and can still be followed.

DJI have released an important battery firmware update v1.6.0040 for the Phantom 3 Pro and Advanced. It is seriously advisable to apply this update to all batteries.

Installing the update follows the same proceadure as all previous firmwares. Follow the below steps.

1. Firmware update v1.6.0040 is for the BATTERY and MC ONLY if you were already running 1.5. When you check the logs it will show the BATTERY (11) and the MC (03) modules were updated ( if you had not already updated to 1.5.30 ). Subsequent battery updates will only show the BATTERY (11) module as updated in the logs.
2. The initial update of the battery and the MC takes about 7 minutes if yuo were on 1.5 already and about 20 minutes otherwise. Subsequent batteries take about 2 minutes to update.
3. You will need repeat the process for each battery you have ( the DJI GO App will prompt you if the battery needs updating ).
4. The noteworthy points of this firmware are the following:
Optimized battery performance in low-temperature condition, to avoid the rare issue of a battery shut-off in mid-air due to the trigger protection.
5. The DJI GO App will display the Aircraft firmware as 1.5.30+ after the update is completed successfully ( note the + symbol to differentiate from 1.5.30 ).
P3 Firmware 1.6.0040
6: It is advisable to update to 1.5 firmware before installing this update although this firmware includes all updates that 1.5 did ).

Step 1- Check Battery and SD Card

Ensure the Intelligent Flight Battery has at least 50% power and the SD card has been formatted using the DJI GO App ( not a requirement 99% of the time but does no harm ).

Formatting SD Card Using the DJI GO App

Step 2- Prepare the Firmware Update Package

1. Download the firmware update package from the official DJI website
P3 Advanced
P3 Professional

Note: The Phantom Professional, Phantom Advanced use different firmware files. Make sure to download the correct one.

Review the Release Notes for the particular P3 so you know what’s changed.
P3 Professional: … e_Note_en_12.22.pdf
P3 Advanced: … ote_en_12.22%20.pdf

2. Insert the SD card into your PC. Extract the downloaded firmware .BIN file into the root directory of the SD card. Remove the SD card from your PC.

Ensure the aircraft and controller is powered OFF then insert the SD card into the card slot on the camera.

The below video shows the process of adding the firmware .BIN file on the SD card.
NOTE: The video shows downloading firmware 1.3.20 for the Phantom 3 Professional, you will need to download the latest version ( v1.6.0036 for Pro/Advanced ) for your particular model.

Step 3- Update the Aircraft

1. Ensure the remote controller is powered OFF and then power ON the aircraft. Upgrade will begin automatically after aircraft is powered on.

The below video shows the complete update process.
Note: How long the update takes and the precise sequence of events might differ from the video so use it as reference only.

It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the firmware update for EACH BATTERY. The camera status indicator will blink GREEN and RED to indicate the upgrade is in progress and turn solid GREEN when the update has completed with success.

Note: During the firmware upgrade the lights on the arms of the Phantom will flash different colours, beep in different patterns, gimbal might move and go limp. All of this is normal so just ignore it. It’s ONLY when the light on the front of the gimbal goes SOLID GREEN that the process is complete (you will also hear the DA…DA.DA beep).

When the light on the gimbal goes SOLID GREEN ( and you hear the DA…DA.DA beep ), turn off the Phantom by pressing and releasing the power button quickly, then immediately press and hold it in for 2 seconds.

2. Check the upgrade status by opening the “.txt” file that is automatically generated on the SD card after the update (you need to plug the SD back into your computer for this). The final line in the LOG file should have the word “Success”.

The LOG file will look similar to this:
========== 2014.01.01 00:00:12 remo-con disconnect======
Packet: P3X_FW_V01.06.0036_beta.bin
Upgrading …
Result: Success.

There is also another LOG file in a hidden directory on the SD card called /MISC/LOG. This file contains further detailed information on each hardware module within the P3 that’s updated. Useful if something goes wrong.

The LOG will look similar to this ( the modules to be updates are hilighted in RED for old version and BLUE for new version ).:
[00013983]========== remo-con disconnect. boot(15) ============
[00014055]Packet [C:\P3X_FW_V01.06.0040.bin] detected, card sn [0xb1621bb6].
[00014128]Packet upgrade start…

[00014209]Packet checking…
[00014288]Packet vlink 01.06.0036 <-> 01.04.0010.
[00014363]Record vlink 01.05.0030 <-> 01.04.0010 (flow = 0).

[00014507]Version checking[1]…
[00014619][03 06][00] v2.4.0.5 -> v2.4.10.7 need upgrade.
[00014779][11 00][00] v1.7.0.0 -> v1.7.15.1 need upgrade.

[00016951]Waiting for user confirm…
[00027022]Timeout, start upgrade automatically.

[00027167]Firmware upgrading[1]…
[00027253][11 00] Firmware upgrade start…
[00075098][11 00] Firmware upgrade finished successfully.
[00075352][03 06] Firmware upgrade start…
[00388956][03 06] Firmware upgrade finished successfully.

[00389100]Version checking[2]…
[00389217][03 06][05] v2.4.10.4 -> v2.4.10.7
[00389383][11 00][05] v1.7.15.1 -> v1.7.15.1
[00389455]Packet upgrade finish successfully.

Additional battery firmware updates will show as this in the hidden log file ( the modules to be updates are hilighted in RED for old version and BLUEfor new version ).
[00012850]========== remo-con disconnect. boot(15) ============
[00012924]Packet [C:\P3X_FW_V01.06.0040.bin] detected, card sn [0xb1621bb6].
[00012998]Packet upgrade start…

[00013076]Packet checking…
[00013148]Packet vlink 01.06.0036 <-> 01.04.0010.
[00013221]Record vlink 01.06.0036 <-> 01.04.0010 (flow = 0).

[00013378]Version checking[1]…
[00013506][03 06][00] v2.4.10.4 -> v2.4.10.7
[00013666][11 00][00] v1.7.0.0 -> v1.7.15.1 need upgrade.

[00015809]Waiting for user confirm…
[00025880]Timeout, start upgrade automatically.

[00026128]Firmware upgrading[1]…
[00026214][11 00] Firmware upgrade start…
[00073904][11 00] Firmware upgrade finished successfully.

[00074046]Version checking[2]…
[00074175][03 06][00] v2.4.10.4 -> v2.4.10.7
[00074329][11 00][05] v1.7.15.1 -> v1.7.15.1
[00074406]Packet upgrade finish successfully.

See this video on how to see hidden files on Windows and OSX.

Perform Calibrations.
Although this is only a battery update, it’s recommend to perform the usual calibrations after any firmware update.

1. Calibrate the IMU (even if the app says you don’t need to). Try to do the IMU when the Phantom is cold and on a level surface.
2. Calibrate the gimbal as soon as a successful IMU is done.
3. Calibrate the remote controller. This step is optional as the controller will beep like mad and indicate in the App if it needs calibrating. No harm doing it though.
4. Before flight, calibrate the Compass. Make sure to do this away from metal, magnets and other ferrous thingy-ma-doodas (in a big open field with just grass).

Upgrade Notes.

a. When the update fails you will get a solid RED light and a screech hurts your head. Here is a short video showing the results of a failed update (in this case it was a corrupt BIN file)

b. Ensure there is only one firmware package file stored on your SD card at any one time.
c. Ensure you remove any gimbal lock and lens cap before powering on the Phantom.
d. Only storage devices that are formatted for FAT32 and exFAT file systems are supported for aircraft and remote controller firmware updates.
e. Ensure the internet connection of your mobile device is stable when downloading the firmware update package.
f. Turn on Airplane Mode on your mobile device before updating the firmware on the controller, as any incoming calls may disrupt the update process.
g. Do not perform firmware update while the aircraft is still flying in the air (I just cannot imagine someone even doing this).
h. Be sure to update the remote controller’s firmware to the latest version after you upgrade the aircraft’s firmware ( if one is required ).
i. The remote controller may become unlinked from the aircraft after updating. Re-link the remote controller and aircraft.
j. Confirm the update results based on the blinking pattern of camera status indicator or gimbal sound. It is normal for the aircraft to sound or the LED to blink during the update process.
k. Always check the logs no matter if it completed or not. Subsequent restarts of the P3 with the firmware on the card will result in an “Abort” being logged saying the firmware is the same. If you get this, its likely the update went OK. Any concerns, post the logs in this or the support thread.
l. When updating, the ONLY thing to look at is the gimbal light;
Flashing GREEN and RED – Its updating
Solid GREEN – Update sucessful
Solid RED – Update failed ( check the log files. )

If after following this guide you are unable to update the firmware or are experiencing any issues, please report back by commenting in this thread.

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