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Do NOT use Phantom 2 Prop Guards on the Phantom 3

UPDATE 04-06-15:  DJI have released officially supported prop guards for the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced – Click here to buy them

Contrary to what some are saying ( and no reason to doubt them ), DJI seemingly have made an U Turn of Phantom 2 props being sold for Phantom 3 use. One internet user posted the below email received from advising not to use them due to the length of screws being supplied. The Phantom 3 has ever so slightly shorter screws then the Phantom 2 and using them could cause damage to the motor webbing’s.

Email purportedly from DJI:

Please note that Phantom 2 propeller guards are not compatible with the Phantom 3.
We strongly recommend that you do not use the Phantom 2 series Propeller Guards that you bought with your Phantom 3, or that you remove them now and do not continue using them.
DJI will send you new Propeller Guards custom-built for the Phantom 3 as soon as they become available, completely free of charge.
We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you,


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