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Unboxing the Phantom 3 Part 2

Now you have viewed part 1 of Unboxing the Phantom 3, its time to cover part 2.

DJI – Phantom 3 Tutorial – Unboxing Part 2

The first video in the series covers the following points.

  • Remote Controller. Covers the basics of the Phantom 3 remote controller including buttons, power port, antennas, device holder, control sticks, Return to Home button, battery and status level LED’s, camera settings dial, playback button, shutter button, flight mode switch, video recording button, gimbal dial, USB port, back left and right buttons,
  • Intelligent Flight battery. Talks about the Intelligent Flight Battery including powering it on, LED indicators, charging.
  • Accessories BOX. Covers the contents of the Accessories box. Propeller wrench, spare landing pads, spare dampeners, spare anti-drop kit.
  • Propellers. Covers the two sets of propellers included in the box and the difference between black and gray hubs.
  • Literature. Safety Guidelines, Quickstart Guide and In The Box document.

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