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Phantom 3 Pre-flight Checklist

Now you have the Phantom 3 out of the box and know what everything is its time to do some pre-flight checks.

DJI – Phantom 3 Tutorial – Pre-flight Checklist

The first video in the series covers the following points. EDIT 02-06-15: View the ULTIMATE Phantom 3 Checklist Here!

  • Check the aircraft. Quick check of the aircraft for any defects or damage.
  • Flight essentials. make sure you have all the things you will need to fly. The aircraft, set of propellers, remote controller, Intelligent Flight Battery, MicroSD card, mobile device.
  • Battery check. Check that all batteries are charged.
  • Aircraft preparation. Get the aircraft ready by removing the motors covers and gimbal clamp.
  • Check electronics. Install mobile device on controller, connect the mobile device to the controller via USB cable, turning the controller on, power on the aircraft, opening the DJI Pilot App, start and stop the propellers.
  • Preparing for flight. Checking propellers, motor basics, fitting the propellers.

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