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DJI – Phantom 3 Tutorial – How To Fly

Its out the of the box, you know what is what and the pre-flight checklist is complete. Its not time to learn how to fly the DJI Phantom3.

DJI – Phantom 3 Tutorial – How To Fly

This video will cover the basics and safety tips you need to fly the DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter.

  • Surroundings check. Make sure you know the surroundings you will fly and local laws. For the UK fist the CAA and if in the US the FAA for laws and regulations. For further info on flying in various countries visit the “Fly Within the Law” guide.
  • Orientation, goal and flight basics.¬†Covers basic stick controls, orientation.
  • Calibrating the compass. Covers¬†calibrating the compass before flight.
  • Hovering and moving. Covers getting the aircraft off the ground and hovering as well a basic movement of the craft and landing..

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