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DJI – Phantom 3 Tutorial – Failsafe

Its out the of the box, you know what is what and the pre-flight checklist is complete and you have had it hovering and moving around. The Phantom 3 has many built-in safety features with Return to Home being a vital one to understand.

DJI – Phantom 3 Tutorial – Failsafe

This video will cover what you need to do if you loose connection to the Phantom 3 or when battery status becomes an issue.

  • What is failsafe. The section describes the failsafe function and reasons it would be needed.
  • Home point. Described Homepoint function and how its recorded.
  • How is failsafe or return to home activated Describes how the failsafe and return to home functions work and are activated.
  • Failsafe Return to Home. Describes the Failsafe return to Home function.
  • Low battery failsafe. Describes the failsafe system when a low and critical battery occurs.
  • Manual return to home. Describes the manual method of enabling return to home.

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