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Unboxing the Phantom 3 Part 1

After maybe taking a picture of the BOX and putting it on Twitter, Facebook or whatever social media platform of choice you use, the first thing you will do after getting your shiny new Phantom 3 Professional or Phantom 3 Advanced is open the box. DJI have created really detailed videos that will help you with your unboxing experience.


DJI – Phantom 3 Tutorial – Unboxing Part 1

The first video in the series covers the following points.

  • Taking items out of the box. Covers removing all the items included in the box. The items removed are The Phantom Quadcopter, Controller, Propellers, Charger pack and USB cable, Accessory box ( propeller wrench, spare landing pads, spare dampeners and spare anti-drop kit ), instructions manual and documents and stickers.
    Also covers the removal of various shipping protections. NOTE!: Done not cover the removal of many’s nemesis, the Gimbal Foam – remember to do this!.
  • Closer look at the aircraft. Covers motors, front of the craft, front LED’s, landing gear, gimbal, camera, MicroSD Card, connecting camera to a computer via USB cable, Aircraft diagnostics USB port, vibration dampeners, anti-drop protection, aircraft status indicator LED’s, removing the Intelligent Flight Battery, Vision Positioning Sensors (VPS), Antennas.

Phantom 3 UnboxedImage credit Gervais

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